Weekly Round Up #44

Weekly Round Up #44 (25/05-31/05)

After a short week at work last week, this week started with a Bank Holiday. I’m not going to know how to do a proper week at this rate! Having an extra day was lovely, especially as the Boyfriend was off too. He’d just come off nights, which didn’t make it the fullest day, but it’s nice to have some extra time together in our busy schedules.

To celebrate the Bank Holiday we… painted our spare room. But that was followed by cake at my mother’s, so that was a nice end to the day. The spare room is coming on really well now, as well – I did a bit of painting at the weekend, and the Boyfriend worked on it in the week. We’ve got a plan now to leave it white, and have a feature wall, a built in wardrobe and a new desk. It’s all very exciting and I can’t wait for it to come together. Right now I’m writing this in bed, because the study isn’t so nice to sit in while it has all the extra furniture in. Having a big desk will be a lovely luxury!

During the week I went to see Cinderella with Charlie. It was cheesy and very saccharine, but it was also lovely and had fabulous dresses (Cate Blanchett – babe) and I thoroughly enjoyed the special treat. Although I do think Helena Bonham Carter is turning in to Johnny Depp…

I can’t believe how quickly June has come around. May has been a good month with some achievements I’m proud of, lots of positive developments, and I’m back on track with writing, decluttering and house stuff. Here’s hoping that June continues in this upwards trend!


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