5 Holiday Essentials

I’m off on my hols next week, and really excited because I haven’t had a break away for a while now. I’m going with Taylor to stay with our dad in Portugal for four days, so planning lots of reading, relaxing, and hopefully some sunshine. I’m not quite round to packing yet, but I know some essentials I’ll be taking.

1. Kindle

I read a lot on holiday. I remember once being stopped in an airport because they thought I had a bottle in my bag – still not sure why, because the bag was full of books. The guy emptying my bag laughed because I had so many, but I actually read all of them. Now I have a Kindle, it’s brilliant. I can take literally hundreds of books, and there’s no need to lug a tonne weight around the airport.

2. A Nice Dress

There’s nothing like a holiday to find good excuse to get the better items in your wardrobe out. I will be taking a couple of really nice dresses that otherwise gather dust in my wardrobe most of the year round.

3. Sun Cream

Boring, but I’ve been burned in the past and it’s horrible. Nothing spoils your holiday faster than sunburn pain. Last time I went to Portugal I wore suncream every day, but when you’re out in the sun all day, it can be difficult to keep up with how often you’ve put the suncream on. I got burned on one side, and it didn’t matter how much cream I slathered on myself to try to cool the burn down, it was still painful. I don’t want to be in that position again, so I will be extra careful this time!

4. A Notebook

I try not to take electronics with me on holiday (Kindle and mobile excepting). I might take my iPad with me this time instead of my phone, as my phone doesn’t get signal in foreign countries anyway, and the iPad is nicer for using Facebook – which I use to let people know I’ve arrived safe etc then try to ignore completely! – but I’m undecided on that. What I will be taking, however, is a notebook, probably the freshest, most unwritten in one I have. They’re great for when you’re on a plane and can only have airplane mode on your electronics – which tends to limit what you’re able to do – and I always try to have one with me.

5. My Gym Kit

I always take exercise clothes with me on holiday. There’s something lovely about being able to go for a run when you’re somewhere else. Generally, I only ever travel around England, which means going for muddy, wet ParkRuns in a variety of locations. But there will be a gym where we’re staying, and a swimming pool too, so I fully intend to get my training in!


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