Weekly Round Up #43

Weekly Round Up #43 (18/05-25/05)

The week started in the Spa with a delicious breakfast followed by a hot stones massage. It was wonderfully relaxing and a really good start to the week. I had the next day off work too – my actual birthday – and spent it shopping with my mother. It wasn’t the most successful shopping trip (we suck at being girls) but we did eventually leave with a really nice leather jacket which I half paid for with a voucher the Boyfriend’s mum gave me, and my mum paid the rest.

The Boyfriend and I both returned to work on Wednesday feeling thoroughly relaxed and refreshed. I’ve been told I’m moving desks at work – a shift within the department, but we’re all in the same office anyway, so not that much of a shift – but due to demands of our workload lately, I’ve been waiting for a few weeks now. I was fully expecting to move desk on Wednesday, but was told that it had been delayed a further couple of weeks in order to tie up a load of loose ends. It’s a little frustrating because I was excited about learning some new stuff in the new area of the department, but on the other hand, it’s nice to feel needed by my current area!

A short working week lead nicely into a long Bank Holiday weekend. The Boyfriend went onto half nights (the worst shift for both of us) but I took advantage by inviting Carole Heidi over for wine and Lego Marvel. We ended up going out for a drink at the local Wetherspoons, where we bumped into Dance Moms – a group that Carole knows through her exercise class. We tagged along with them for another drink – which made me feel like a bit of a faker, as I’m neither a mom nor a dancer – but it was fun, if a bit loud in the pub we went to. I’m officially getting old!

Saturday was mostly spent trying to help the Boyfriend feel as refreshed as possible before his second half night shift. Which meant watching Walking Dead in bed, bringing him toast and hot water bottles (when he’s tired, he gets really cold and really hungry). After he went off, I went round Mum’s house to keep my sister company while Mum went to pick up her husband from the train station. Charlie and I watched Eurovision and it was shockingly bad, except for Italy, who actually had a good song. Russia were pretty good, but I couldn’t help but think that they were voted for more because they were Russia than for their act. I woke up the next day to learn Sweden had won anyway (I didn’t see Sweden’s act, but I’ve heard they were good).

Things in our spare room are moving forwards too. The Boyfriend wants to get started painting it, ready for the built in wardrobes and carpets to go in. Soon I may not have to dodge two wardrobes and a chest of drawers just to get into bed!


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