5 Things I Got For My Birthday

So, I wrote about what I wanted to get – only semi-seriously – and was delighted to have two of the things ticked off my list. I was bought the dress and given a voucher for Cineworld to spend on Jurassic World tickets. So excited about that!! I might have to wear the dress to go see it.

Here are some other things I got:

1. A New Pair of Pyjamas

From the Boyfriend’s family – they are super cosy, but light at the same time. Great for these in-between nights where the weather can’t quite decide how it’s going to play out.

02250177_12. This Jacket

The Boyfriend’s family also gave me a voucher for Debenhams, which I spent on a shopping trip with my mum. She paid the rest of the balance, so it’s a joint gift from both sets of parents!

I’ve been looking for a nice jacket for a while. I have a few that have been given to me, or that I’ve bought for work, and they’re either not very fashionable (in the work jacket case) or not a perfect fit. This is a lovely fit and it’s the sort of thing that can dress up or down. It’s perfect for the weddings I have coming up in the next couple of months and will go really nicely with some of the new dresses I’ve bought lately.

3. Parasite by Mira Grantshopping

Carole Heidi knows me too well, and got me this – which I’ve been dying to read for ages. I cleared a space for it on my bookshelf and it will sit there for a month or two while I get round to it, but it will be bumped up the pile as soon as possible.

I expect this will freak me out as much as the Feed trilogy did, so if I take to twitter in the near future mewling in terror, you’ll know why.

4. New Angel Wing Earrings

I pretty much cried when my last pair of angel wing earrings finally fell apart after being worn to death. They were my favourite, and I wore them all the time. Too much, in the end, and bits started to fall off them, and the metal started to corrode.

Now I have a brand new shiny pair to wear to death! Thanks again to Carole Heidi.

5. A picture of all the things my brother wants for his birthday

Because apparently four year olds don’t understand the concept of other people’s birthdays. It was an amazing picture though – my brother is a talented artist! He wants a marvel t-shirt and a hat. And some other things that he hasn’t unwrapped yet.


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