Weekly Round Up #42

Weekly Round Up #42 (11/05-17/05)

Once again it’s been all about the weekend – specifically, a wonderful spa trip that the Boyfriend and I booked.

We’d been wondering what to do for my birthday. The home situation hasn’t been that great – we’re doing out the new spare room, so all the furniture that was in there has been moved into our new bedroom, somewhat spoiling the loveliness of it. It’s a necessary evil, and only temporary, but with two rooms worth of furniture in one room, it’s making our life feel cluttered and claustrophobic.

Plus, with a builder in the house banging on all the walls, it’s not easy to be restful.

So, on a whim we booked a Sunday Soother spa session. It included a room for the night, a three course meal, breakfast, access to the spa facilities and an hour treatment. We decided to go for a Hot Stones Massage, as we’d had one of those before and really enjoyed it.

It was wonderful – both to get away from the chaotic house and to have an excuse to do nothing but relax. We did a bit of swimming, a bit of jacuzzi-ing and even went to the gym, but mostly we just lounged and read and dozed and generally did nothing. And knowing I didn’t have to get up for work on Monday made it even better!

I was surprisingly not achey after the 10k – a little stiff on Monday, but otherwise fine. I’ve been trying to make the most out of my motivation and inspiration drawn from the race to help me lose a couple of pounds ahead of a holiday in a few weeks’ time. The Boyfriend has been coaching me a bit on some weights, which is really kind of him, and is helping me to push myself. I’ve never been very strong, so weights is quite a challenge for me. With the Boyfriend’s help, I’m improving slowly. I may manage a bikini body in a few short weeks yet.


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