5 Things That Have Been Memorable About Being Twenty Six

So, it’s my birthday tomorrow. I’ve reached the frankly terrifyingly ancient age of twenty-seven. On this eve of my birthday, I’ve been thinking about some of the things about being twenty six that have been especially memorable.

1. I changed career

After much heartache and difficult decision making, a temporary post doing something I didn’t really want to do (following a few weeks of fear that I wouldn’t be doing anything) I’ve finally settled in to a brand new career. It’s been a complete change of pace – much more flexible, with easier work-life balance. I’ve had time to take up new hobbies (though there’s still never enough time) and refresh my interest in old ones, all while doing work that I find satisfying and interesting. I’ve really been lucky, the weeks of insecurity and stress paying off for the best. And now that I’m in the rhythm of the new job, hopefully I’ll be able to fit some writing around it.

2. I ran a half marathon

And it was wonderful and it sucked and I was elated and I was fatigued, and all the other intense emotions that you experience when undertaking a feat of endurance. 13.1 miles seems a bit pitiful so soon after the marathon, but at the time it was a real achievement for me. I couldn’t walk for a few days after, and it took a long time to recover fully, but it was definitely an experience I will keep with me for a long time. And I might even be persuaded to do another one of these days.

3. I got a new bedroom

We finally finished our spare room, and turned it into a beautiful bedroom or ourselves. It’s been a year of trying to get the house in order, and we’ve made massive progress on that front. I’ve been scouring Pinterest for ideas about how to be better organised, and have done a lot of pruning of our things. While we’re a bit back to square one while we do the new spare room, once that’s done, I’m confident that the house will be an efficient and easy to manage place. Until we get round to the bathroom anyway…

4. I learned to swim

I’ve always been able to bob around in the water, but now I’m actually almost a competent swimmer. If I can just get the hang of stringing my front crawl lengths together, I’ll be away.

5. I made some ambitious plans

I didn’t manage to complete all of them, but I made armour, ran a fundraising project for my sister, completed the aforementioned half marathon, decided to do a triathlon, and many other things – some of which never left my head, some are still ongoing and some failed miserably. Since getting a new job I feel like I have way more energy for crazy projects, like the Warhammer project I’m just embarking on, and I’m excited to keep trying crazy things and learning new skills as I embark on my next year.


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