Weekly Round Up #41

Weekly Round Up #41 (04/05-10/05)

Of everything that’s happened this week, there’s only really one key thing to report – I completed my race, I never stopped running, and I beat last year’s time by a whole minute.

It was a fantastic event, I really enjoyed the whole day – from the drumming at the start to the near collapsing at the end, there wasn’t a part of the experience that wasn’t fantastic. Well, the aching and tiredness afterwards wasn’t that great, but it was definitely worth it.

After, Taylor and Mr T came round to play a zombie game where you build up the board every time you take a turn and kill zombies with the roll of a dice. We weren’t very lucky, and we were all a bit tired, so we didn’t do so well. But it was a good game (that I unfortunately can’t remember the name of) and I look forwards to having a second go when my brain is fully functioning.

I also finally got the Music Magpie cheque through for all the DVDs we sorted out at our mother’s. With the £44 we bought quite a few goodies, including a couple of copies of Dead Island so Taylor and I could play over the internet. Meanwhile Mr T was talking about pig farming, and somehow the Boyfriend managed to imagine that he said ‘Pigs on bicycles’ (the Boyfriend was a little drunk) and proceeded to giggle all night about this. The Boyfriend is a strange creature when he’s drunk…


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