P is for Paranormal



This leads on from my love of the Otherworld series discussed in the previous post. Once my eyes had been opened to the possibilities of Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance, I was absolutely hooked.

Slave to Sensation - UKI love the combination of the normal and the paranormal. I love stories about ordinary people with a twist of magic. Sometimes the effort of going into a completely fantasy world is more than I want to make, and in those moments Paranormal novels are brilliant. They satisfy my need to indulge in the fantastical, while requiring less concentration and commitment than a full blown fantasy.

I also like how broad the Paranormal genre is. Some are erotic or romantic, while others are frightening, bordering on horror. I like ones that combine elements of many genres, fusing elements in new and unusual combinations.

Retribution of mara dyer

Sometimes they feature ghosts, vampires and other fantastical creatures. Sometimes they’re a bit more abstract than that – like Mara Dyer, who has supernatural powers, but is entirely human. I love the massive catalogue of mythology that can be drawn on to influence the stories, the characters and the writing.

I do enjoy contemporary stories, and I love fantasy and science fiction worlds. But when I want some pure escapist pleasure, I usually reach for something Paranormal.


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