Review: Klarstein Kosmopolitan Ceramic Electric Kettle 1.7l

IMG_1674Klarstein Kosmopolitan Ceramic Electric Kettle 1.7l

I never really thought there was much in choosing a kettle. It’s an item with limited function – it boils water for you to pour into cups and saucepans. Not very exciting.

Then I bought my last kettle and I realised how mistaken I was. Which sounds terribly dramatic, but when you’ve poured scalding water over yourself for the four-hundreth time due to poor kettle design, you start to feel a little dramatic about it.

Fortunately, this Klarstein kettle boasts a much better design than my previous one.

First off, what should have been a very obvious thing, it has a water level indicator on the outside of the kettle. I never realised how much I’d miss that until I bought a kettle that didn’t have one.

The design of the spout is good, as well. Though it doesn’t pour as fast as some designs, the positioning and the shape of the spout (plus the fact that the lid seals properly) mean that when you tip the kettle up to pour water quickly, the water stays in a controlled stream, rather than spreading everywhere.

It’s very quiet to boil as well, the slightly heavier weight of it rooting it to the base so it doesn’t wobble and spit everywhere. The heavier weight gives the entire thing a solid feel, which I like. It’s got a bigger capacity than my previous kettle too, which is useful when cooking. The blue led lights are both a stylish touch and a clear visual indicator that the kettle is done boiling.

The appearance of the kettle won’t be to everyone’s taste, but if you like that sort of thing, this will make a really funky addition to any kitchen.

IMG_1673The product does come with a European plug, but a free adaptor is included that’s incredibly easy to put together. It’s a plastic case that has on it a typical three-pinned British plug. Inside, it has two slots to click in the European plug, then the plastic casing shuts around it. You literally can’t get it wrong, because if you haven’t got the plug in correctly, the adaptor won’t click shut. All it requires is a little Phillips head screwdriver to secure the casing – no knowledge of wiring or electronics needed. I’ll admit it’s not the most inconspicuous arrangement, especially with the wire being white and the case black, but if that really bothers you, any plug adaptor will do the trick.

Overall, I’m really pleased with this addition to my kitchen. It’s an interesting design, with good functionality and a massive improvement on what I had before.

(I was sent this product for free in exchange for an honest review)


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