Weekly Round Up #40

Weekly Round Up #40 (27/04-03/05)

Not a lot to report this week. A big job came in at work, so it’s been all hands on deck and plenty of overtime, including working Saturday, which I haven’t done since I left teaching. Consequently, I’ve been a bit tired mentally and physically, though it’s been great to really get stuck in at work and prove to myself and others that I can be a valuable part of the team.

It’s not done many favours for my training plan. I’m writing this on Sunday morning as the Boyfriend sleeps off a late shift upstairs, so I’m hopeful that I’ll get a gym session in today. And it’s a Bank Holiday tomorrow, so if the weather’s good, I’ll have all day to get some running in.

Thursday was Mum’s birthday so after getting home from work quite late it was nice to go round and have some drinks with her. Then on Friday we had a dinner party to test a review product I’ve been sent. It went… horribly. But more on that in the review!


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