Review: Season of Longing by Sadie Matthews

season of longingTitle: Season of Longing

Author: Sadie Matthews

Series: Seasons Trilogy #3

Genre: Contemporary Romance/Erotica

Received for review from BookBridgr

Summary (from Goodreads)

All Summer Hammond has ever wanted is love and security. Now, she feels terribly alone. Her sisters Freya and Flora are consumed with their love affairs, and worse than that, their father has finally lost patience with his wayward daughters, deciding he will cut them off financially for good.
The shock of rejection hits Summer hard and she decamps to LA, where she meets Jack Fiori, a gorgeous Italian American. The attraction between them is unmistakable and when Jack invites Summer on a trip to Vegas, just the two of them, she eagerly accepts. But it soon becomes clear that the trip was a ruse. To her horror, Summer realises she’s been kidnapped. But Jack won’t listen to her explain she’s no longer an heiress. For a kidnapper, he seems curiously uninterested in money.
Summer is sure that Jack isn’t going to hurt her, but she needs to find out why this is happening. Gradually, the intensity between them builds to levels neither of them can resist. And Summer will find out the secret of why Jack has brought her here and what he hopes to gain…


If you can get over the frankly ridiculous set up of this book, it’s a fairly entertaining read. And by set up I mean two things – one, the fact that Summer is so instantly and intensely attracted to Jack that she quickly decides not to mind that he kidnapped her; two – the overall set up of the Hammond family situation, where a terrible event from their childhood left their mother dead. This event in itself (and I’m trying to avoid spoilers because it’s fairly central to the plot of all three books from what I can tell) isn’t ridiculous, it’s perfectly plausible. But a certain detail that a key player just ‘forgets’… Well, I just didn’t buy it.

All that aside, there’s enough likeable about this book that I sat down and read it in pretty much one sitting, late into the night. Summer as a heroine was engaging and likeable. A rich party girl who finds the lifestyle empty and who thinks that perhaps being cut off might be the best thing that could happen to her – that sort of adaptability and down to earth-ness is hard not to like. And Jack is a brooding mysterious stranger (at first) and then a conflicted, troubled kidnapper.

I must say that I bought the conflicted kidnapper schtick less. Not so much Jack himself, but Summer’s reaction to it. He was mood swingy – kind and concerned one moment, then angry and shouting the next. Probably about right. But Summer was no where near freaked out enough about this, and they fell into bed with each other way too quickly given the circumstances. Which is in order to leave plenty of room for sex, I understand that. But, to be perfectly honest, there was that much sex in this I was a bit like ‘Oh look, another sex scene…’ by the end of the book.

The abundance of sex was partly down to a bit of fan service in giving the other two Hammond sisters from the previous novels a bit of screen time. Usually with their men. Again, I understand why Matthews did this, but it is possible to have too much of a good thing. And because so much time and energy was dedicated to orgasms, the story occasionally felt a bit rushed.

Still, an enjoyable read if you aren’t looking for too much depth. Cheesy, ridiculous set up, lots of alpha male hotties and plenty of raunchy sex scenes. If that’s your sort of thing, you’ll love it.

Rating 3.5/5


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