5 Things I Want For My Birthday

So, my birthday is coming up soon. I don’t expect anything, of course, I’m far too old for presents now (sadly!) but here are a few things I’d treat myself to if I had the funds!

Compendium_2_Cover_1. The Walking Dead Compendium 2

I’ve seen enough of The Walking Dead TV series to cover probably most of the content in this, which means I won’t get spoilers for the TV show, which I don’t want. I like the TV show better than the comic, probably mostly because I saw it first, but I enjoy the comic a lot, and I’d love to get my hands on this to see where the characters go next in the comic universe.

Plus, it will look great on my shelf of graphic novels in the living room., which has a space just about big enough for this and one more. Compendium 3 when that’s available?

dress2. This Dress from Boohoo

I already have way too many dresses, but LOOK AT THE PRETTY COLOURS. I’m getting better at colours these days – evolving from a wardrobe of black and white to one with lots of coral and mint green shades. Much to my more fashionable sister’s amusement. What can I say – I like coral and mint green…

I’m not quite at the point of that dress bold, but for that dress, I think I could do it! It would certainly be personality stretching in the clothing department.

Of course, I’d then need plenty of good excuses to wear it, like a lovely holiday somewhere warm, a few barbecues in this country, a garden party or two. It would probably end up being the most expensive dress I ever bought by the time I felt I’d got enough opportunity to show it off.

3. One of these fancy pens71aUTUFRf3L._SL1500_

The boyfriend treated me to an iPad for Valentine’s Day, and I’m already loving the creative applications it has. I’ve been writing notes on it in various different apps, using a pen I got for free at a careers convention that has an actual pen on one end, an iPad pen on the other. I also have the pen that came with the case. Neither are great. Research would suggest that this fancy thing is the best pen there is for writing on a touch screen. At £29.99 it’s a very expensive pen, but as a birthday treat? I think I could stretch to that!

289120_R_Z0014. A roll of this wallpaper

Because then the Boyfriend would have to capitulate to my feature wallpaper plans. I love this (pastel greenish blue, you see?) and would love a room of a matching colour scheme for our spare room/my study. I have even started eyeing up my mother’s teal ornaments in anticipation. She’s moving house and needs to downsize – she doesn’t need a teal peacock right?? (other things I wouldn’t mind getting for my birthday!)

5. Tickets to see Jurassic World

The thing on this list I will probably get. It’s released a little after my birthday, but I don’t mind delaying my birthday treat a couple of weeks. I’m SO excited for this. I love Jurassic Park loads, and can’t wait to see this new instalment. My expectations will be astronomical, but I get the feeling I won’t be disappointed.




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