May Challenge

I’ve been doing a lot of things to clear stuff out of my house. Reading all my physical books, the ones on my shelf for the last ages, is a big part of this. But there’s another kind of book I have way too many of – notebooks.

And pens. I have an excess of pens.

To try and reduce both problems, I’m setting myself the challenge to fill a notebook with writing this month. It will actually be two notebooks because I’ve started one of them already, and the other has had lots of pages ripped out of it, so it’s very skinny. Together they make one whole notebook. And I need to fill it with fiction.

I’m excited about this challenge, because it’s also helping me to keep up with the writing, which has suffered the past couple of months due to general insanity of things going on. I’ve got double motivation now to keep going. And I’ll report back at the end of the month to see how many pages I manage to fill!

After the abysmal showing for the past two months, hopefully I’ll be over target this time.


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