Weekly Round Up #39

Weekly Round Up #39 (20/04-26/04)

This week has been an excellent one, which has a lot to do with the London Marathon. The beginning of the week was same as usual – bit of reading, bit of running, not much doing. But Friday marked the start of a long weekend of London revelry.

We caught the train down to London on Friday night to stay with our dear friend Kirk. I provided EnterTRAINment, in the form of a life audit. The idea was to think about some big things that we wanted to achieve and how we would achieve them. It’s come about really because the plan Mum and I had to do a triathlon has somewhat gone out of the window with her big move coming up. We needed something to fill that gap, and some motivation to do some other big things in our lives. I brought a copy along for Ivy too, but she took to it about as enthusiastically as a cat to a brimming bath tub.

Mum and I spent a pleasant hour plotting our exploits for the next few months, and Ivy eventually jotted down a few ideas. That done, we got off our train at Euston and headed out with our own personal chauffeur (thanks Kirk!) to Sunbury where we were staying.

Saturday was spent at the Marathon Expo, followed by a pleasant afternoon catch up with a Uni friend I haven’t seen for a while. My family and I then headed back for a Pizza Express followed by a showing of Avengers: Age of Ultron in IMAX 3D. Verdict: a few cringe product placement moments, some ominous foreshadowing of an event that never occurred, and generally riotous good fun. Tired, we headed back to Sunbury to catch some sleep before the Marathon.

We had several people running. A friend’s husband was running, and several running club members, including Mr T’s mother. We got into Central London in time to watch the winner cross the line (in about 2 hours and 2 minutes – mental!) then walked round to the 25mile-ish point and stood for several hours watching the masses rug, jog, limp, crawl past, some in cactus or shoe costumes. It was glorious and emotional and so heartwarming and inspiring. And though it doesn’t make me want to do a marathon myself, I’m very much inspired for our local 10k in a few days time.

We had no enterTRAINment for the way home. It was probably a good thing. I nearly fell asleep and we were all a bit zonked out. I fell into a hot bath at home to soak of the Underground grime and the exertion (not as much as a marathon runner’s, but not inconsiderable!) then went to bed feeling extremely satisfied and happy that I got to witness the marathon again.


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