April Challenge Review

Um… Yeah, about that.

Things have not gone at all to plan this month, and I’m going to put the dressmaking on hold for a little while longer. Partly because we’re decorating the spare room, which means once again my study is full of stuff, and I can no longer reach anything I need, but also because I’m in the middle of a bit of a rethink about what I am doing with my time.

Not helping the crowded study situation are the piles of books on my desk. I have ten books, all review or borrowed books, all received very recently. And I’m getting buried in them. Literally, and in the figurative sense of wondering how on Earth I’m ever going to get round to reading them all.

This month has seen a lot of speed reading, cramming the reading in around other things I have to do, at the expense of other stuff I want to do. And I don’t like that – I want to be able to enjoy the books I’m reading, for pleasure or for review.

So, I’ve made a decision, and that is that I’m not going to request or accept any review books for the next few months, unless they are sequels to a series I’ve already started. I’m going to clear up my backlog and make a dent in the books on my shelf that haven’t been read for months. And because I won’t be taking on anything new, I won’t have to read eight books in a month just to keep up. Which will free up time for my May challenge (already decided what it is, doesn’t have anything to do with dresses) and to do other stuff, like decorating and enjoying the glorious weather (though, yes, I can do that with a book in hand!)

March and April have been chaotic months, in part down to new shift patterns and training for work, but I know I can’t just hope May will be better. I have to make it that way, and that means something’s got to give. And if I can clear the clutter of all the books lying around I know it will make both myself and the Boyfriend very happy – so here’s to reading loads next month, but still managing to get everything else done!


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