O is for Otherworld Series


‘The Otherworld Series’

There are few authors that I love as much as I love Kelley Armstrong. I want to read all of her books, and unlike most times I say that, with Armstrong, I actually will. I’ve got most of her Otherworld series in either physical or ebook form, and every time I clear a big enough space in my reading schedule, I’ll be settling in to one.

I’ve been fortunate to have the opportunity to read several of her more recent books as reviews, and it’s been enough to tide me over. But I want to get back into reading the back catalogue of the Otherworld series, as every time I read one, I remember what it was that drew me to the series so much in the first place.


I can’t even really remember what made me read Bitten – the first book in the Otherworld series. I think it was suggested by someone during a University module on fantasy writing. I wasn’t familiar with ‘Urban Fantasy’ as a genre, thinking of all fantasy as Tolkein-esque old worldy adventures with elves and dwarves. Bitten opened my eyes to the joys of fantasy in a modern world setting, the juxtaposition of magic and smart phones.

It’s been a huge influence on my writing too. Armstrong writes sexy, sassy female characters who have the strength of their supernatural abilities while still retaining human foibles and flaws. I wanted to write characters like that in worlds like the Otherworld – the fantasy world just beneath the surface of the world we know.


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