5 Essential Shoes

A while ago I had to get rid of almost all of my shoes due to my feet growing half a size. It was painful, and because of limited funds, I had to think really carefully about what I bought to replace them. I’ve since built up a little bit, though I’m nowhere close to what I used to have. These are my five essential shoes that I had to have:

azz16347_black_default_xl1. Work Shoes

Boring, but essential. I got a pair of black pumps from New Look that were in the sale for £6. They were horrible, and didn’t fit well (too big as opposed to too small) but they were smart enough to do for work, and with an office job, I didn’t have to do a lot of walking so the inconvenience of them not fitting wasn’t enormous. I now have a pair of more sturdy boots I bought from BooHoo (click image for link.)

2. Comfortable Flatsazz38940_baby blue_default_xl

I think I got mine from Tesco, but they’re not dissimilar to this pair (also from BooHoo, click image to go to page). These are the sorts of shoes that are comfortable to wear, versatile, and match almost anything. Mine are already trashed I’ve worn them that much, but that just goes to show how essential they are!

0530104064863. A pair of dress up/dress down flats

I got mine from Faith. They’re not really anything like the picture, but they’re similar in what you can use them for – flashy enough to dress up, but not uncomfortable, so you can go casual too. When you only have a few pairs of shoes, that versatility is a huge help! Mine are zebra striped, a similar shape to those in the picture, but a bit more summery. I love them. (click picture for link)


A good pair of boots is definitely one of my shoe essentials, and I was fortunate in that the boots I owned already still fit. I can get away with wide fit size 5s, but everything else has to be 5.5 or a 6 now… These boots are similar if not the same as mine – Hush Puppies. They’re more expensive as shoes go, though not exorbitant, and absolutely worth every penny. Comfortable and hard wearing, I’m so glad I’ll be able to keep wearing these! (Again, picture is the link)

5. TrainersWMNS-NIKE-FLEX-2014-RN-MSL-642780_016_A_PREM

Mine are nothing like these, but are Nike, so close enough. You need your trainers for your fitness, whatever your sport is (unless it’s swimming or some dance, I guess!) so having a decent pair was definitely top of my list. Fortunately, you’re meant to buy trainers a little big, so I was fine for this one. Which, of course, freed up my budget for some non-essential shoe purchases! (picture is the link!)


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