5 Skills I Wish I Had

I did a post a while ago about things I wished I could do. It was all ‘move things with my mind’ and ‘teleport’ and stuff like that. So I thought I would do a new list of things that I wish I could do that are realistic. As in, things I could probably do if I put my mind to it, or things that are physically possible at least.

1. Draw

I did a GCSE in Art and got a C. It was probably the greatest achievement of my academic career. Which I hope gives you some indication how bad I am at drawing. I really wish I could just pick up a pencil and have my thoughts spill out in visual form. It would be great for drawing characters and illustrating my ideas – either in storyboards, or for promotional purposes.

2. Run 8 Minute Miles

I’d love to run 5k regularly. The problem is, it takes me so long. Like 35mins on a good day. If I could do it in 25, it would be much easier to motivate myself. And it would be easier to motivate myself to run further. I could probably do this if I worked at it, but right now the fastest I’ve ever ran a mile was about 9:49. If I could keep that up for three miles and a bit, it would be a 30min 5k. But I do one mile that fast then collapse on the floor. I know I can get there, but right now it feels a very long way away.

3. Do yoga poses like they are supposed to be done

i.e. be flexible. See above – I could do it, but it feels a really long way off. Working on it slowly! I really envy people who can just touch their toes. I’m really stiff and not bendy at all. Maybe one day, maybe one day…

4. Remember piano tunes

I’ve memorised a couple of tunes in the past, but it doesn’t come easily to me. The Boyfriend has excellent finger memory and has loads of songs memorised. He’s not technically as good as me, but he can just sit at a piano and play loads of recognisable tunes without any music. I really envy that ability!

5. Code Websites

Another thing I know I could learn to do. But in between everything else I have to do, it’s not top of my priority list. If I could magically acquire the skill Matrix style, then it would certainly be one of the first things I downloaded.


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