Weekly Round Up #36

Weekly Round Up #36 (30/03 – 05/04)

This week was the first proper week for the Boyfriend in his new job, which has meant adjusting to a new shift pattern and starting to learn the shape of our lives from now on. He does a couple of late shifts, which he’s always done, but now he has a couple of nights as well. He’s worked nights before, but always in exceptional circumstances, and never as a shift pattern. He worked through the night as a firefighter sometimes, but again, that was on call and could be anything from forty-five minutes to 12 hours. It wasn’t exactly a pattern or routine.

So, it’s all quite new and different, and we’ve made a start with some routines. Now, for instance, as I write this, the Boyfriend is upstairs sleeping off a night shift. I’ve spent the morning writing, reading and catching up on my blogging – all fairly quiet activities that won’t disturb him. I have my fabulous headphones so I don’t even have to do all this without some tunes!

As for the rest of the week… It’s been Easter Bank Holiday Weekend, so for me it was a short week with a good long weekend. I have been continuing to help my family sort out their stuff, and had a lovely Easter meal with them on Sunday. We’ve made a fair bit of money for the Bargain Games Club, and I’m looking forwards to actually getting the cheques from Music Magpie so I can start buying up some new games. I’m playing Overlord 2 at the moment, and it’s really annoying me because I keep getting stuck (thank god for Google) so it will be nice to have something else to get excited about – perhaps Skyrim at long last!!

In my own house, the Boyfriend is already full steam ahead on the home improvements. He wants to do the spare room next, so I’ve been organising it, getting rid of the junk, moving furniture, consolidating our belongings. The study is full again, but not quite as full as it was last time we decorated a room, at least – largely due to the fact that I cleared that out last month. Everything in my house is operating much smoother now, and I’m really enjoying all my rooms again. Well, not the spare room so much – but that will be coming along soon.

The weather is finally starting to turn as well. I got out on the bike on the road for the first time in about 2 years. Since I took a face plant on the A53 anyway. I was, understandably, a little nervous, but Mum and I went for a ride to a village about three miles away, ran round the village and cycled back. We didn’t really cycle far enough to properly get the wobbly leg feeling when we started running, so next time we’re going to cycle to the village, cycle the loop then cycle back and run a loop of the housing estate next to Mum’s, which is about a mile. That will be a test of the backside endurance and the wobbly legs!


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