Weekly Round Up #35

Weekly Round Up #35 (23/03-29/03)

This has been my first week of normal for a while, which mostly resulted in me being really tired a lot. Any change of routine can be hard work, but getting back into the swing of getting up at 6am for work etc. definitely took it out of me a bit! It didn’t help that it was also my first week of getting back into exercise following almost a month off, so that was adding to the tiredness.

As a result, not much got done, but it’s been a week of big things all the same.

First off, the Boyfriend finally finished his course. He passed his last test with 92%, coming top of the class. He still has a few nerves and jitters about starting (who doesn’t with any new job?) but hopefully by the time this posts he’ll be feeling a bit more confident after his first few days.

Secondly, it’s looking likely that my mother will be moving with the two little ones and my step Dad as he’s been doing lots of interviews for new jobs. I’ll be really sad to see them go – there’s something wonderful about having all your family on your doorstep – but I’m also really excited for this new chapter in their lives. And as it looks like they’ll be helping Taylor get a place not too far from here, I’ll still have a few siblings around.

All in all, it’s been good to finish a very tumultuous month. I’m looking forwards to starting April with a bit more stability and routine, and hopefully starting to enjoy our house and our life together again.


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