March Challenge Review

March hasn’t been the best month for doing challenges. I’ve been away from home three of the four weeks, and the week I’ve been home I’ve been so busy catching up with things like washing clothes and catching up with jobs that doing anything extra has been a real challenge.

That said, a start has been made. I’ve done a bit of the cutting in preparation to make the bodice, and have experimented with some of the materials, choosing which ones work best and which ones don’t suit the purpose. Not exactly the greatest progress in the world, which is why I’ll be continuing with this project next month – perhaps breaking it down into slightly more manageable pieces.

I’m so glad to be back to a more normal routine, anyway. March has been insane, and now the Boyfriend is back full time, too, so life really is about to become normal again. Which probably means some other crazy stuff is about to go down, but I’ll just have to take that as it comes!


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