5 Things From Jantastic

Jantastic is drawing to a close, and having taken part a couple of times now, here are some things I’ve learned.

1. Nothing motivates you to go out in the freezing cold more than wanting to keep your perfect Jantastic percentage…

The thought of not getting out there and doing a quick lap round the block to keep your perfect score will have you putting on your trainers in the driving icy rain. You won’t run far or fast, but you’ll get out there, dammit.

2. …But March will screw you over.

By the time you get to March, you’ll have kept going through everything that has conspired to go wrong to the point where one more straw will break your back. For me it’s been illness last year, and injury this year. Bye bye 100% perfection, hello a big fat 0% for a lot of March…

3. The distance target will really push you…

I ran laps round a car park for about five minutes to get up to five miles total distance once. It was boring and pretty depressing, but I was going to hit five, however long it took.

4. …But the speed one does nothing for you.

If you’re anything like me, anyway. I’m not massively motivated by speed, and have little to no clue how long it’s going to take me. And to be honest, the idea that my score could be ruined because I ran faster than I thought I was going to goes really against the grain…

5. It’s massive fun, despite the ups and downs, and I’ll do it every year

Winter is so hard to keep going through. Without Jantastic, I’d definitely have ground to a halt until the weather got better for the past two years. I’m so glad someone pointed out Jantastic to me.


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