M is for Mira Grant


Mira Grant’

‘Mira Grant’ is Seanan Maguire’s pen name, under which she writes scientific horror thrillers (yes, that’s totally a genre). I’d never read any of Maguire’s books when I was lured in by the delicious humour of the front cover of Feed.  I’m a zombie enthusiast anyway, so I felt I was on to a winner before I’d even opened the first page, but soon got sucked in to the complex and compelling world in which Feed was set.


The idea of Zombies being very much part of the furniture is an appealing one to me. There were definitely risks to them being around, but there was a degree of adaption by the population that allowed them to live their lives in an altered way, though a way that still had potential to be meaningful and fulfilling. The real enemies were the people behind the scenes causing problems, not the brain eaters themselves.

It’s the best way to use zombies in my view, because to be honest, zombies aren’t really that scary most of the time. The idea of the volume of them is quite terrifying, and their relentlessness. But they aren’t smart and the (usually) aren’t fast, which always made me feel that humanity had a good chance of surviving them. The fact that Grant uses the idea of a zombifying virus lying dormant in everyone, which could activate at any time, adds a little tension and terror to the mix, but even that is well controlled in the world Grant builds.


So the story then becomes about the sort of world and the sort of people that would exist in the time of a zombie apocalypse, and I find that fascinating. I loved how Grant took the idea of online blogs and elevated it to a central facet of society. Because, let’s face it, if there were brain eating monsters outside, you’d spend a lot of time online. And I won’t go into the central conspiracy that drives the story, but it’s a good one, and kept me turning pages until the very last line of the trilogy.

I haven’t yet picked up Parasite, though it’s definitely on my wish list. Perhaps when I’ve finally finished reading all my NetGalley backlog, I’ll treat myself!



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