Weekly Round Up #34

Weekly Round Up #34 (16/03-22/03)

After only a day and a half back at work, I was off again this week to go to the Boyfriend’s passing out ceremony. Not as horrible as it sounds, I promise! He was presented with a certificate for completing his training (a little previous, he doesn’t actually finish until next week) and had some nice photos taken in his new uniform.

After, I went back with him to the Holiday Inn where he’s been staying. I can’t imagine how depressing it’s been to stay in one of those rooms for the past three months – it’s alright for one night, but I was craving my own bed after that! I wasn’t going back to my bed though – next stop was Taylor’s house, where I would be staying for the next few days.

On the first day we walked about six miles around Coventry, shopping, getting out hair cut, and carrying ridiculously heavy bags up a big hill. It was certainly a lot of exercise (and a very successful shopping trip!) and the pain I’ve been having in my hip finally started to work down to my knee. Which might not sound like a good thing, but it is, because I know how to deal with knee pain.

Cue lots of Yoga. Which did go a long way to making me feel less pain in my legs.

We spent Friday, after a morning of walking to computer shops and having a Morrison’s full English breakfast, chilling out and working on some stuff. I took a moment to catch up on a bit of blogging while Taylor worked on revision time tables and CVs. Then we played (lots) of Lego Pirates and did some dress making.

On the Thursday night we went for all you can eat Pan-Asian food, which was delicious, though probably not good for my expanding waist line. The fact that my leg is getting better is really good news, because I need to get some exercise soon, or none of my clothes will fit.

On Saturday, we headed off to ComicCon. It was good, but I don’t think it was that much better than the small local one we went to in the autumn. I was expecting there to be panels and discussions, but it was basically just more stalls. Which is nice, but there are only so many variations on nerdy jewellery, film memorabilia and pokemon plushies, which meant the extra stalls were someone superfluous. I did get to chat to a comic writer, Neil Gibson, and have a copy of one of his books to review – so that was a definite win 🙂

Tired, but satisfied, we headed home. The rest of Saturday was mostly spent resting, after a quick clear out session, packing up DVDs to be sold to Music Magpie. To give you an idea of how many DVDs we had to clear out, we made £44.40. Which, for those of you who use Music Magpie will know, is quite an impressive sum. And that was only what we could fit in the box we had. Mum is trying to have a big clear out and general downsize, as it’s likely they’ll have to move in the next twelve months, as my Step-dad is looking for a new job. Much as I don’t want them to go, it would be an exciting new adventure for them. I’m slowly getting used to the idea by helping them chuck out their stuff!

Sunday was the day of our first Come Dine With Me dinner. It was Irish themed, so I made… Feta Cheese Puffs. I suck at cooking, I was going with something I felt fairly confident I could make. It was a really nice meal, though, and we finished it off with a round of Taboo. Which was made all the more hilarious by the fact that it’s a really old version. I pulled out ‘Luncheon Voucher’. Only Mum knew what one of them was.

The evening was finished with packing the Boyfriend’s bag for the last time. It was a good moment. Not because he has to be away again, obviously, but because at long last he’s only a week from being home for good. I’ve missed him, and I hate how the weekends fly past. I’m looking forwards to being irritated by him getting under my feet again 🙂


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