Review: Oz Naturals Super Youth Eye Gel

super youth eye gelOz Naturals Super Youth Eye Gel

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I struggle with my eyes – they’re very dry, so putting anything anywhere near them usually results in much eye-watering, stinging and blinking. I generally try to avoid getting creams close to them.

But, knowing how gentle and natural Oz Naturals products are, I was hopeful that this would not fall foul of the same issues other creams have. I wasn’t disappointed.

The cream is slightly thicker than the other Oz Naturals serums, intended for ‘gentle dabbing’ in the eye area. The pump allows you to administer a small amount – you don’t need much of the stuff to get sufficient coverage – and when applied to the eye area it was soothing, cooling and didn’t immediately make my eyes brim with sting-induced tears.

The gel has a lovely light cucumber smell. It soaks in to the skin quickly and leaves your eyes feeling lifted. I find it very refreshing, and like to use it in the morning to help wake my skin up and reduce the appearance of tiredness.

Another lovely product from Oz Naturals.

(I was sent this product for free in exchange for an honest review.)


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