Five More Songs I Used to Love

There were too many songs that could have made the last list, so here’s five more songs I used to love.

1. Shooting Star by Air Traffic

I don’t even know where I heard this. It’s the only song I have of theirs, so assume it must have been one a friend sent at some point. I know exactly why I would have loved it though – I’ve always been a sucker for pretty piano. And for angsty indie bands.

2. You and Me by Lifehouse

Another friend sent song, I think. This one definitely appealed to my romantic side, and teenage desire to be loved. I still smile when I listen to this occasionally these days, though I definitely don’t listen to it as often as I used to back then!

3. If We’re Alone, Aren’t We In This Together by October Fall

More pretty piano and angsty indie bands. This song is epic, as in it’s nearly seven minutes long. The rest of the album is pretty terrible, but this track caught my imagination – I remember listening to it a lot. I listen to it now, and apart from a slight nostalgic fondness, I have to wonder what I was thinking.

4. Chop Suey by System of a Down

Now this really wasn’t my style. I bought the whole album off the weight of this song and hated the rest of it. I remember the friend that sent me this, back in the heady days of sharing tunes one painful KB per second over MSN. Because we’d evolved beyond lending each other albums, but the technology hadn’t quite caught up. Ah, dial up. I don’t know why this song worked so well for me – I guess it’s because it’s more singy than screamy compared to their others, and I liked the singy bits a lot. Plus, angst. I was full of it aged 15.

5. What You’re Made Of by Lucie Silvas

This fell into the category of ‘female singers who play the piano.’ I was predisposed to like it, even if the song had been a lot worse than it was. As it was, this came from a pretty good album as female singer song writers went. I had the piano music book and used to play it all the time. There were actually better songs on the album, but this was the ‘famous’ one, the one that turned me on to her in the first place.


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