Weekly Round Up #33

Weekly Round Up #33 (09/03-15/03)

More training this week, which meant more being trapped in a room with not much to do but read and relax. I watched more Heroes and made some progress towards catching up with my reading pile.

Over the week away, a load of my parcels arrived, so I got back on Friday to a pile of presents. Okay, most of them were paint for the shed, but it was still nice to open everything up. And I did get some new eye cream and my iPad case, so it wasn’t entirely anticlimactic.

We didn’t do a great deal this weekend, mostly just relaxed and finished off a few jobs. We went round to visit our mums on Mother’s Day, having lunch with my mum and then an afternoon with the Boyfriends. But mostly, we just watched Godzilla (I thought it was great, the Boyfriend not so much) and lots of South Park and slept. I don’t know how the Boyfriend has coped with this being away from home training for the past three months – two weeks was enough to completely do me in. Thank goodness for getting back to some sort of routine in the next couple of weeks!


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