5 Favourite Heroes Moments

I’ve been rewatching Heroes season 1 (the only good season, though I am rather fond of Peter’s stint with the Irish mobsters for the short period of time it lasts in Season 2) and it’s reminded me what an excellent series it was. Here are my top 5 moments (Spoilers, obviously):

001_small-11. Simone’s Death

Simone was an intensely annoying character, but it was worth putting up with her for the moment of her death, when Isaac accidentally shoots her, trying to shoot an invisible Peter. The way Peter bleeds back into visibility as he catches her falling body was so beautifully shot – and as someone utterly in love with Peter at the time, intensely romantic – it was a perfect TV moment, and an undeservedly brilliant end for an otherwise irritating character.

Powers_claire_autopsy_22. Claire’s Autopsy

Gory and disgusting in all the best ways. Claire is attacked by a quarterback and he accidentally kills her, hitting the sweet spot in the back of the head that puts Claire’s lights out for good – or at least until someone removes the stick during the autopsy. Claire wakes up with her chest sliced open and has to push herself back together. Incredibly gross, but brilliant.

3. Hiro Meets Micah and Family on the Road

A lot of the first series of Heroes was about the interconnectedness of the lives of the characters – manufactured or otherwise. Sometimes the show laboured the point a bit, but this scene was brilliantly done. It included cool slowmo explosion effects, and team work of the characters to do something heroic. A lovely set piece, that also reinforced one of the main ideas of the show in a new and original way.

claire is an ass hole 24. Company Man

It’s hard to pick a moment in this episode that stands out above all the other stand out moments. It was such a perfect episode of television, as soon as I’d finished watching it, I immediately rewound back to the beginning and watched it again. The emotional climax of Mr Bennett allowing the Haitian to wipe his mind still chokes me up now.

heroes65. Save the Cheerleader

Save the world. If ever there was a nerdier tagline, I’ve not seen it. But it so perfectly encapsulated the feeling of the show – daft and ridiculous but brilliantly good fun. And that moment on the train where a much more grown up and severe Hiro tells Peter that’s what he has to do was a brilliantly dramatic.


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