The Bargain Games Club: Assassin’s Creed Revelations

Assassins_Creed_Revelations_CoverAssassin’s Creed: Revelations
Price: From £3

Continuing the Assassin’s Creed saga, if you don’t know what you’re getting by now, you probably don’t care. There’s jumping off buildings, stabbing people with hidden blades, buying buildings and training assassins.

Revelations does add the new game mechanic of creating and using bombs, though if I’m honest the only thing I ever used it for was selling the bomb parts to make money. It also does away with those annoying puzzles that everyone just looks up how to do on Google. It did introduce a sort of puzzler level, but they were more like mazes. Really insanely hard and annoying mazes that Google could only go so far to assist you with. I’ll confess, I didn’t finish all of them, but that was more to do with a bug which I’ll get on to later.

One of the best things about the game is that it doesn’t factory reset your character back to completely inexperienced. Ezio started with a lot of the equipment you only earned in the latter stages of the previous game – parachutes for example – which meant there weren’t many of those annoying ‘here’s how to play the game’ missions. You had all the moves from the get go. I guess they figure that there aren’t many people coming into the saga fresh at this point…

There was a problem with the money system though – the bank is supposed to fill every 20 minutes. I, and many other users on game forums, found that it was much less frequent than that. Which meant resorting to stealing your money 7-21 coins at a time. Which when you are supposed to be buying all these landmarks that cost upwards of 40 grand, is very annoying. It got to the point in the end where I realised I wasn’t having fun any more, and I went ahead and did the last mission without 100% completing everything. Quelle horreur!

The graphics seemed to be a bit dodgy as well. It seemed like there were lots of gaps in the scenery, little white lines or spots that would appear at certain angles, then disappear as the background rendered properly. It wasn’t enough to be really annoying, but was distracting.

So, an imperfect instalment, with a few glitches that I would have begrudged paying full price for. But, if you like Assassin’s Creed and like jumping off buildings and stabbing people, then there’s enough here to like that will help you look past the flaws.

Up Next: We’re back on Arkham Asylum! No side quests are going to be done on this – just flat, fast play through. I do not want to be lingering as I’ve already played half of it before…


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