Weekly Round Up #32

Weekly Round Up #32 (02/02-08/02)

I’ve been away most of this week on a training course, which has been an experience. It’s a good course, but the accommodation is rather tiny, so I’ve been going a little stir crazy. I took loads of books with me, but as is usually the nature of courses, I was so brain tired at the end of the day, I didn’t have much energy for them. I did watch almost an entire series of Heroes, though, which is doing well for my ‘watch and throw out’ system. Box sets normally take me ages to work through!

I got home reasonably early on Friday, and went to lunch with the Boyfriend’s family. We ate at the new (I say new, meaning it’s been there for less than a year) pancake place in town. I had a waffle, which I regretted. It was nice, but the pancakes that the others got looked so much better.

Saturday I spent almost unable to walk I was in so much pain with my legs. Which was very frustrating as I had this grand plan to sort out the study. As it was, I sorted out everything in the study that I could do sitting down without moving, which was mostly my desk. I now have organised my hard drives onto one single hard drive, dusted my entire desk and began to chuck away things I didn’t need. Only I couldn’t chuck them very far, so they’re now all on the floor of the study, making it look vastly worse than when I started. Not a satisfying state to leave it in!

The Boyfriend was running a 20 mile race on Sunday, so Saturday evening was board games with friends and an early night. Sunday we rose nice and early to prepare for the race. I figured my role would be to sit in a cafe and drink hot chocolate while I waited for them to finish, perhaps reading or helping Mum with a crossword puzzle. I dressed accordingly. What we actually ended up doing was walking 6 miles round the short loop of the course, backwards. It was really exciting and all the runners passed us three times as they did their laps, and we got to wave to everyone and cheer on our boys.

The only down side was the ‘light rain’ we had at the start of the race quickly evolved into torrential downpour. My shoes got soaked through, and though they were normally very comfortable, the wet made them rub and chafe my ankle until I actually had to take one shoe off and walk barefoot for a bit because it got so painful. Mum had a first aid kit in the car, but my skin was so wet, we ended up doing the most overkill bandage to wrap it, as none of the plasters would stick! The dye from my shoes ran, turning my feet bright orange, and though I’m currently drying the shoes under a very hot radiator, I do have a feeling they won’t recover…

Still, it was a great day, and the boys did brilliantly. Both the Boyfriend and my step-dad managed to finish the race in reasonably good form – though I have a feeling both will be aching tomorrow! – and both achieved personal bests for distance.

Lastly, the Boyfriend finally gave me my valentines present. I’d been teasing him since February 14th because he promised it would be arriving soon, and it hadn’t. I figured he’d got me something small, but from far away, which explained the delay. It turned out he’d bought me an iPad, which both rather trumped the BluRay player I bought him, and made me feel really guilty for teasing him. I love it, and had a great time choosing iPad cases (and a new phone case to match) as well as downloading loads of apps to play with. Such a lovely, thoughtful and generous gift. Which is why I love him, even though he can be grumpy sometimes!


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