Weekly Round Up #31

Weekly Round Up #31 (23/02 – 02/03)

Wow the end of February snuck up on me. Losing those two/three days at the end of the month is a killer for trying to get things done. So, my reading has fallen a bit by the wayside, and I’ve not done as much writing as I wanted to. BUT – I did get my February challenge done, and finished cleaning out the kitchen.

Because the kitchen was finished and improved so drastically, we treated ourselves to a brand new set of pans. This is what approaching your thirties does for you. Pans become an exciting reward! They arrived today, and I couldn’t get them out of the box, because I had to leave to go to my training course, but that’s something to look forwards to when I go back home of Friday.

I’ve been on full anti-hoarder mode at my Mum’s house (by her invitation) and have helped her clear out a load of CDs and DVDs. Give or take, it’s made us £40 on Music Magpie (which, for those familiar with Music Magpie, will be an excellent indication of just how much stuff we chucked out!) which Taylor and I have decided to spend on GTAV (for the Boyfriend), Arkham City, Skyrim and Hobbit LEGO. The Games Club is going to be busy in 2015.

I also helped Mum sort out her bookshelves. Sorting out books is always much more emotional than DVDs and CDs. You invest so much more in a book, both in terms of time and your own emotional responses. Going through the boxes was like going through my childhood. But I also realised how dated so much of the stuff was – how my little brother and sister would use the internet to look up anything they wanted to know about certain topics, rendering reference books almost useless. It made it easier, in a way, as the calibre of the books had to be so high to make me think it would peel them away from the iPad for five minutes. It didn’t leave many that made the grade.

I’m really excited now to continue the spring clean. Sorting out is contagious. When you start doing one room or area, you suddenly want to do everywhere else, you spot shelves that could be put to better use and rooms that aren’t appealing in their use of space. It’s probably a good job I’m away from home for two weeks, as otherwise there would likely be nothing left!!


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