March Challenge

Having promised myself not to do something exercise related this month, I’ve decided to use the challenge as an excuse to get something I’ve been meaning to do for months done.

Which is to make a dress.

After making armour for comic con last year, I was excited to start a new project that would push our ingenuity and newly acquired sewing skills. I had this idea to make a dress for a photoshoot for a book cover. It would be a rag dress, mismatched and made of random scraps of fabric. I looked on pinterest and quickly got inspired by the beautiful examples I found.



I don’t mean to suggest we could make anything half as good as these – they’re beautiful and created by people with incredible talent. But, we are game to have a good go.

I’m going to visit Taylor towards the end of March. I’m going to take the stuff down with me, and we’re going to try it out. Maybe we’ll not get anywhere, but the challenge is to give it our best effort and see what we managed. Pictures will follow, pretty or not!


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