5 Characters I’m In Love With

Because I’m still feeling in the romantic mood (my valentines present still hasn’t arrived at time of writing, some time after valentines day, somewhat extending the holiday for me!) here are five characters from books, film and TV that I have been, or am currently hopelessly in love with.

1. Legolas (The Lord of the Rings)

Oh, fourteen-year-old me. My sister and I both had a big crush on Legolas (mostly from the film, though I had read the books and thought he was pretty cool in those too). We had a giant poster of him drawing his bow which made it look like the arrow was always pointing at you. We loved his dreamy blonde locks and his archery skill.

Now I watch it and laugh at him mostly, and at myself for every thinking that was attractive. But then, we have strange ideas about love when we’re young teens.

2. Dr Ian Malcolm (Jurassic Park)

While we’re on the subject of young love… I used to utterly adore Ian Malcolm when I was eight. This was largely because I loved Jurassic Park and Alan Grant was a bit of a doofus (I was wordly enough to recognise this as an eight year old), meaning I latched on to the next character available. Though, truth be told, my crush on Ian Malcolm holds up a little better than my crush on Legolas.

3. Arnold Rimmer (Red Dwarf)

A truly repugnant character in many ways, and perhaps the first of many ‘I rather like the freaky one’ crushes that characterised my late teens and early twenties. (And still continues much to this day, I think.) I loved the character of Rimmer, a little too much. But never more than when he had Mr Flibble. Red Dwarf fans will know what I mean.

4. Angel (X-Men The Last Stand)

I loved this film a lot more than it deserved, and it was largely due to Angel. Which is not to say he was a good character. In fact, when I watch this film now, I wonder what the hell my 18-year-old brain latched on to. I think in a way it was his total lack of any character or background, beyond the two scenes he’s in, cutting off his wings as a child and saving his dad at the end. But this was enough for my young writer brain to catch on fire with – the traumatised past, the noble rescue that proved he was a good, brave guy. I could fill in the gaps between with anything I wanted. And I did. But I’m not telling you where to find the fan fiction that resulted. Oh no.

5. Tyrion Lannister (Game of Thrones)

A current love to end with. Oh Tyrion – much maligned and troubled Tyrion. His biting wit may have got my blood pumping, but it was the sense that he was deeply a good guy, trying to do the right thing by his repulsive family, and the rest of the world, that made me fall in love with him. It helps that he’s gorgeous, of course, but the strength of the character always wins me over more than the attractiveness of the actor who plays them. And I read the book first anyway.

4 thoughts on “5 Characters I’m In Love With

  1. tyrfish says:

    I adore film!Legolas and I’m currently reading the second part of The Fellowship and he hasn’t had much to say or do yet, but from the sounds of it I’d like him as well. Rimmer, though, hmm. I never found any of the RD guys particularly attractive… You can choose between an android, AI, a slob, an arrogant cat/human and… Rimmer. I don’t think I could describe him quickly and do him justice. What about Ace? He was great. I loved the Quarantine episode so much. “We can’t do that, Mr Flibble, who would clean up the mess?!”


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