February Challenge Review

I’ve never had much core strength to speak of. It’s one of those things I’ve been meaning to improve – and I have done steadily over the past couple of years, if not dramatically. This months’ challenge was all about working on it some more – as the Boyfriend correctly pointed out, when I swim, I drag my body through the water, I need better core strength to keep my position good.

It was a challenge that didn’t get off to the best start. I completely forgot on the first day of February, which mean I was 64 seconds behind before I’d even started. Then for the first few days I could do barely more than 30 seconds. Over the month, though, I gradually built up to doing a minute and a half. Girly style plank only, but it’s still massive improvement. I’m hopeful I can continue to plank next month, but do it properly and build up all over again.

So, 30 minutes managed just about. It wasn’t easy, and required a bit of last minute cramming, but I managed all the same. Next month, something that isn’t exercise related to give my tired body a rest!


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