Weekly Round Up #30

Weekly Round Up #30 (16/02 – 22/02)

Another week of training at work, another week of brain melt! But I’ve been productive. I’m keeping on top of my daily tasks, continuing with the house sort out. The kitchen is almost finished now – two cupboards to go. I spent a long time on Thursday finishing the cleaning supplies cupboard – never an easy one to tackle – while listening to a great audiobook. Audiobooks always make everything much better.

On Tuesday I took advantage of the newly reordered kitchen and invited the Boyfriend’s family over for pancakes. It was a lovely evening, and I’ve been invited back next Tuesday for pancakes at theirs. Pancakes galore! I’m firmly of the opinion that you can’t have enough pancakes.

All the training has been good for my reading – having to take my lunch break on my own meant that I had forty five minutes reading every day. Despite needing to read two extra books this month on top of my reading list, I’m actually almost on target! With the Boyfriend gone again next week, I’m hoping to finish of the last few books so I can start March with a clean sheet.

The week finished with a cup cake baking session with my goddaughter, a Chinese takeaway with the Boyfriend and his family, then some random snow on Sunday. All in all, a pretty good week!

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