5 Songs I Used to Love

I’ve been going through my music and looking at the songs that I used to love a load when I was a teenager. Some of them I still listen to now, some I’ve gradually stopped. But the nostalgia trip has reminded me of some great tunes that I haven’t listened to for ages. Here are five of them:

1. Photograph by 12 Stones

I heard this on the Elektra soundtrack (that film was shite, but the soundtrack was awesome, I don’t care what you say) and had to get the albums. There weren’t any songs that I liked as much as this one, but they were pretty good angsty music for my teenaged self – who loved Evanescence and other mopey rock music. For FOREVER this song was high in my Top 25 Most played list – and probably still would be if I hadn’t lost my play counts several times over the years and between iPods.

2. Here Without You by 3 Doors Down

I discovered 3 Doors Down back in the days when I was too shy to ask a shop assistant what CD they were playing and had to ask a friend to find out for me. In my defence it was a very trendy shop that my friend was shopping in, and I was fashionably challenged. As I still am. Still, I did find out, and immediately fell in love with 3 Doors Down’s music, particularly this angsty track. I did say songs from when I was a teenager – they are pretty much all angsty.

3. Into the Fire by Thirteen Senses

I was reminded of this song when watching back through The 4400, which is probably where I heard it in the first place. I adored this song. So much so, I’m pretty sure one of my Quizilla homepages incorporated the lyrics in the design and the titles. Ah, Quizilla homepages. Those were the days. Awesome song, Quizilla tributes aside.

4. Alcoholic by Starsailor

Sort of considered a poor man’s Coldplay (grossly unfair) Starsailor never really got the credit they deserved. I saw them at V Festival once, a few years after the height of my obsession with them, and was reminded of how good their music was. I had their album, loved every song on it (but particularly this one) and used to listen to it on my portable CD player that I had because cool kids had iPods, and I really wasn’t cool. I loved that CD player so much. It was just bad timing that I got it literally weeks before the iPod phenomenon hit, back when iPods held about ten songs and you had to scroll through them using a dial on the front.

5. Remember Me by Josh Groban

God only know why I loved this so much. I know where I heard it – it was the closing song for Troy, that movie with Brad Pitt in a skirt, and Orlando Bloom in his brief period of Post-Legolas popularity that mostly involved him wearing skirts and fighting battles in ancient lands. But this really wasn’t my style – see all previous entries on this list that are incredibly similar – so I don’t know why I listened to it as compulsively as I did. And I mean compulsively. This was THE top played song in my library. By at least 100 plays. I don’t even know… It’s quite nice, but not 100 plays more than whatever was second nice… I had another album of his, but never listened to it. It was literally just this song. Oh well, music taste is weird like that sometimes.

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