Weekly Round Up #29

Weekly Round Up #29 (09/02 – 15/02)

It’s been a busy week. I’ve been on an induction training week at work, which has been very tiring and a lot of information to take on board – leaving me largely hopeless at anything in the evenings.

Unable to think too much, I’ve been continuing to throw myself into the exercise, and managed to swim nearly 20 consecutive lengths of breast stroke (doing it the proper way, going under water) as well as getting the hang of a sort of turn so I don’t have to stop each end. It’s satisfying to be making such good progress. Now if only I could perfect the front crawl!

Valentines day was spent relaxing. I bought the Boyfriend a bluray player to replace our ancient DVD, and we spent some time watching episodes of South Park on it. We went out for lunch, which was lovely, then finished the day with a drink in the pub. The Boyfriend bought me a beautiful card, with the promise of a present not yet arrived.

Sunday was another slow and steady sort of day. We were supposed to be going to my mother’s for dinner, but she was too poorly, so instead we did a bit more kitchen sorting (throwing out three bags full of glasses and mugs – the charity shops are doing well out of us at the moment!) and then went for a game of Monopoly with Carole Heidi.

The Boyfriend and Carole’s boyfriend wiped the floor with us from about three turns in, which didn’t make it the best game for Carole and I, but I enjoyed doing my nails and watching the ridiculous bargaining between the boys as they fought to complete sets of properties and build hotels. Us girls were stuck trying to scrape together the pennies to pay rent…

Next week I’m back on more training, so will continue to feel like my brain is bleeding out of my ears, no doubt, but I’m learning fast and hopefully will start being good at my new job very soon.


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