Review: Friday Night Alibi by Cassie Mae

friday night alibiTitle: Friday Night Alibi

Author: Cassie Mae

Series: N/A

Genre: NA Contemporary Romance

Received for review from NetGalley

Summary (from Goodreads)

In the wealthy town of Sundale, Kelli Pinkins has hatched the perfect plan to capitalize on her sweet reputation. For a generous fee, she will be every trust-fund baby’s dream: a Friday-night alibi, the “girlfriend” or “BFF” that parents dream about. With college approaching in the fall, Kelli’s services are in demand more than ever, which means that her social life is nonexistent. But Kelli is A-okay with that. She’s raking in cash for school. Besides, relationships are tricky, and sometimes very messy. She’d rather be at home on Xbox LIVE, anyway. Then the unexpected happens: She meets college stud Chase Maroney.

Chase isn’t like the preppy, privileged guys Kelli usually meets in Sundale. For starters, he’s twentysomething, always wears black., and he shoots back one-liners as fast as she can dish them out. But Kelli’s attempts to drive Chase away falter when she realizes that he treats her like he really knows her, like he cares about knowing her. When Kelli finally gives in to the delicious kiss she’s been fighting for so long, she faces a tough decision: make Chase a real-life boyfriend and risk her heart . . . or keep her clients and lose her first true love.


When I chose to read this book, it was because I thought it would be light and fluffy and quick. And in all three of those regards, it didn’t disappoint.

Mae has fun with her central relationship, setting them up as antagonists, building with increasing romantic tension towards their inevitable ‘get together.’ I liked the concept of the alibi, and though the world of trust funds and keeping up appearances is totally alien to me, I could sort of see how Kelli could chose the lifestyle she did. It certainly provided an interesting conflict – though it would have been stronger if Kelli loved being the alibi and the freedom and power it gave her, rather than secretly disliking it. Plus, the need for money angle always seemed a bit daft when she had so much money anyway. I really wanted Kelli to be the poor scholarship student who needed the money, or even a rich girl whose family were in financial difficulties – something to give the conflict a little more weight.

The relationship that eventually developed was quite sweet too, with both characters bringing better sides of each other out. It’s a pet hate of mine in romance stories where the relationship seems to be destructive to either or both of the characters involved, but there was none of that here.

At times it tried a little too hard to be funny, resorting to fart jokes and the characters being slightly juvenile. Particularly Chase, who was such a sleezeball at the start that it took me ages to warm to him. I did find this a bit annoying, hence only giving the book three stars, when it could have easily scored four.

Overall, a very fast, entertaining read that isn’t likely to stick with you. It doesn’t have as much angst as a lot of NA Romance books, which makes it perfect for beach reading or just when you need a bit of a pick me up!

Rating: 3/5


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