The Big House Sort Out

After two years of doing a lot of big structural work on our house – removing chimneys, putting in log burners, ripping out inbuilt wardrobes etc. – we’re finally getting to the point where things are mostly as we want them to be. We still have some work to do – particularly on the spare room and bathroom – but this is going to be held up by money constraints, and I really want to be living in a house that’s a home, not a building site for the first time since we moved in.

My mother will complain that we’ve never invited her over for dinner – which is terrible, and we should remedy that this year – but for long periods of time we’ve had furniture in the wrong rooms, plastic sheeting down on the floor, windows being removed and things generally being a massive mess. Which isn’t conducive to having a nice, relaxing evening. We’ve got the downstairs pretty much sorted now, but there’s still one giant bugbear for me.


The kitchen.

It’s not terrible. It’s certainly a lot better than it was when we moved in, but there are a number of things that drive me nuts about the room.

Someone on my Facebook posted a link to Clean and Scentsible – a blog dedicated to cleaning and household organisation. Inspired by the beautiful pictures of her kitchen – an easily motivated by her tick lists and ‘detox’ plans, I printed off the stuff for the Household Organisation Diet and set out to transform my kitchen.

Now, without ripping the whole thing out and starting again – which we absolutely cannot afford – there are some limitations I will just have to work with…


Cupboards that open into wall? Check.

But I decided I needed to make better use of the space I had, starting with the food cupboard. Sorting out the cupboards was one of the things on the February Kitchen Checklist, and I figured I could start here. What I needed was Tupperware. And some pretty stationary to keep my new checklists safe!


About £20 from Wilkinsons. They’ve got so much GORGEOUS stuff!

First things first, and absolutely necessary… Gone were the takeaway magnets (I don’t need any more temptation to eat takeaway) replaced with cute vintage peg magnets. We keep so much stuff on our fridge, it’s frankly ridiculous. But at least now the magnets look good!


The Boyfriend’s shifts, my swimming timetable – essential fridge reading!

Next, I emptied out the food cupboard and went through everything. A lot of stuff was past its best, and some stuff was duplicated. I chucked what needed to be chucked and text round a few people to find out who needed nutmeg and cinnamon to supplement their spice collections, as I had two full pots of each for some reason…


A lot of random spice!

After this, I cleaned all the bits of rubbish out of the cupboard. It wasn’t as disgusting as I feared it might be…


Bits of grit and lots of loose lentils…

Then I sorted everything back into the cupboard in a new, organised way. Look at the pretty:


So much better 🙂

I have been keeping a list of more tupperware/baskets I need. I want a basket for the spices so they’re easier to keep under control, and one for the loose cupboard veg, like onions and potatoes, to stop those getting out of control too. I’m going to be solely responsible for Wilkinsons’ profits at this rate!

On top of this, I’ve cleaned my oven, and will be looking at sorting out the other cupboards over the next week. I’m also working through the January Detox list, just because I love throwing stuff out. Soon, I will be living in a streamlined dream house – albeit one where you have to open the cupboard into a wall >.<

One thought on “The Big House Sort Out

  1. caiusdurling says:

    You could always cut that cupboard door in half, edge the two sides of the cut and put a hinge in it. Would still only get the distance between the wall & cupboard front, but it would at least be a rectangle of access.


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