Weekly Round Up #28

Weekly Round Up #28 – (02/02 – 08/02)

This week has been much the same as last week, but this weekend has been all about the Tupperware.

My mother says I’m turning into an old woman.

I was perusing Facebook the other day when I saw my cousin’s fiancé  had posted a link to a blog all about decluttering. As I’ve discussed many times before, I am the anti-hoarder, and love getting rid of stuff. It’s my favourite past time. So, I had a look at the post, not really feeling the need to declutter, as I do it all the time anyway. But what I discovered was a really nice lifestyle blog with lots of good tips and hints about keeping your house clean and streamlining your living.

Now, we’re not too bad – we certainly don’t need to be going on How Clean Is Your House? – but there are areas in my home that I’d love to improve on. And the bugbear for me at the moment is the kitchen. I’ll talk in more detail about this in a proper post, but for now I’ll just say that while my kitchen isn’t dreadful, it is poorly designed, and has some personality quirks that I have to try to work round. And it just so happened that on this lifestyle blog, February was all about the kitchen. So, I downloaded the to-do list, headed over to Wilkinsons to splurge on some tupperware, as well as nice stationary to help motivate and organise me, and I’ve made a good start attacking the kitchen, getting it into a useable state.

Of course, doing that has made me realise what else I need to buy to complete the process. I have a new tupperware shopping list, and think it’s likely to be quite an expensive endeavour to get things better. But a worthy investment, I think!


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