5 Favourite Walking Dead Moments


With the second half of season five gracing our screens, I thought it was time to look back at my favourite Walking Dead moments.

tank_after1. The Final Shot of the First Episode

After a pretty claustrophobic first episode in which Rick walks around his devastated home town feeling like he’s the only person left, then sitting in someone’s house trying to stay quiet, the trip to Atlanta really brings down the far reaching consequences of the zombie uprising. The massive amounts of zombies littering the streets, and the mob that comes around the tank are spectacular to watch and frightening to consider. Definitely one of the best ends to an episode I’ve ever seen.

2. Rick Shoots Sophiasophia

The whole ‘where is Sophia’ thing would have got very old if I hadn’t been binge watching the season. And I would have hated it if they found her alive and well. But all the eye rolling at the ‘let’s traipse around in the forest looking for her’ action was well paid off with this moment. Sophia coming out of the barn brought the horrific nature of the new world home in a way far more effective than anything that the series had done so far. Yeah, Carl had been shot, yeah they’d lost Amy and a couple of others. But this was a kid, and the first of the group that Rick as a leader is forced to execute. And the brutal long shot of Rick dropping her made for a heartbreaking end to the midseason.

hershel3. Rick Hacks Off Hershel’s Leg

 Brilliant for it’s brutal simplicity. Tie a belt, get an axe. WHACK. It shows how much the group have adapted to the world in the interim between Seasons 2 and 3, and how far they have to go to stay alive. And it’s wonderfully gory.

4. Daryl Kills a Tankbest-walking-dead-weapons-Daryl-Dixon

Daryl Dixon is starting to become a bit of a caricature of himself – indestructible, implausibly talented at killing and full of hilarious one liners. But it’s so much fun, especially this moment when he kills the tank. Although you don’t ever really doubt that Daryl will make it out alive, there’s the nail biting moment of the zombie approaching behind him, the shot of the zombie with an arrow in it’s skull as Daryl walks behind it, then the grenade down the barrel of the tank’s gun. Hilarious, wonderfully over the top, and just another reason to love Daryl Dixon.

Carol-Gun5. Look at the Flowers

Carol is one of my favourite characters in the series. She’s such a complex and well developed female character who makes decisions that are bad and reprehensible, but necessary. She seems like the person best adapted to the new world, having grown out of the shadow of her abusive husband with the outlook of ‘whatever it takes to survive, I’ll do.’ She’s a ‘greater good’ kind of gal, and that doesn’t always sit well with the other characters. Which is why The Grove is one of the best episodes in the entire series. It takes the two characters who have the most conflict between them – Carol and Tyreese – and puts them in a situation that forces them to examine Carol’s choices, and makes Tyreese start to understand them. And when Carol tells Lizzie to look at the flowers… Horrific. Necessary. Brilliant TV moment.


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