Weekly Round Up #27

Weekly Round Up #27 (26/01-01//02)

January is finally drawing to a close, bringing with it more bad weather, giving me even less motivation to get on with stuff.

The Boyfriend is finally more than half way through his course, so the end is really starting to feel in sight. It will be another huge adjustment to get used to having him back on a new shift pattern, but we’ll be in the same house more often than just the weekends. I don’t like being on my own all the time, so I’m looking forwards to having him back.

This weekend we were supposed to go out to try a new pancake place in town, but the Boyfriend didn’t much feel like it after a week of eating out, so we didn’t get to do that. Instead, we did exactly what we do most weekends since he started his course – watch movies and veg out! I really want to make better use of the time, but at the same time, I just want to spend what time we have together, so working up the energy to do jobs and things is tricky.

So a week of not much at all, really. I have a feeling this will be the pattern for a while now, at least until the days start getting a bit longer and lighter, giving me more energy. But that’s just round the corner – not long to wait now!


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