February Challenge

This month we were meant to be starting our cycle training, but to be honest, the weather has been so bad, neither me nor Mum are keen to get outside on our bikes. So, to start getting some mileage under our belts, we’re going to use the gym part of our gym membership and use the exercise bikes.

But exercise bikes are boring, and I’ve already got Fantastic set up to keep me in line with that, so I need something else to be my challenge for February.

One thing that’s come out of my swimming lessons is that I’m not very strong. Which I knew anyway, but while I make these commitments to work on it, I rarely keep them very long. So, my February challenge is to do 30 minutes of planking. That’s just over a minute a day.

I’ll be doing girly planking, because I can’t do proper planking. But maybe later in the year I can progress to proper planking!

I’m aware that it’s two exercise related challenges in a row – they won’t all be. But I feel at the moment that I have to concentrate on it so I can actually do the triathlon come May without collapsing in a pile and requiring medical assistance. (It has happened to me before, though it was from heat stroke, rather than exertion.)

30 minutes of plank… I’m going to struggle with this one. Wish me luck!


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