January Challenge: Review

At the start of this month, I set out to swim eight lengths in less than six minutes.

I don’t think I’ve managed it. To be honest, I haven’t even tried to time myself since doing 22 lengths in half an hour.

Here’s the thing: If I’d spent all my time working on my breast stroke as it was, I would definitely be doing 8 lengths in under six minutes. I think the best I managed when I was still focused on that goal was about 8 lengths in 10 minutes, and that was after about three swimming sessions. So I know I could have done it, but I set that goal before I even got in the water, and after I got in the water, my goal changed completely.

When I was swimming breast stroke before, I was doing it in the sedate kind of way that ladies who don’t want to get their hair wet do. My head never went under the water, I didn’t use the correct technique, and I wasn’t getting any better at it. Faster, perhaps, as my stamina and general strength improved, but my actual swimming technique was pretty poor.

I have learned so much in the last month. I did several lengths of front crawl in the session I did before sitting down to write this. None of them consecutive, but all of them controlled, complete and so much better in terms of technique than they were even last week. I’ve got a long way still to go to get up to swimming front crawl comfortably, but considering I couldn’t do half a length when I started, I’m really pleased with my progress. Currently I can do a length in 30 seconds. If I can just string eight of them together, I’ll be well under the 6 minutes. Something to work on for next month!!

So, in a lot of ways, though I haven’t hit the target I set out to, I’ve actually exceeded all expectations I held for myself. I’m really pleased with how the January Challenge has gone down, so here’s to a fabulous February!


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