Weekly Round Up #26

Weekly Round Up #26 (19/01-25/01)

Not much doing this week beyond swimming and training. Mum and I went to a quiz night raising money for a friend running the London Marathon. It was a brilliant night and I ate too much and spent quite a bit of money on raffle tickets and other nonsense. The snow was trying to fall outside, and not really succeeding.

These weeks are really flying by, which is good, because I can’t wait for the Boyfriend to be finished with his course. I should really learn to write these round ups as soon as the week is done, though, because the week I’m writing about feels like so long ago already! I can barely remember what happened.

One thing I do remember is going to Mum’s for Burns Night. Mum loves a good celebration, and any excuse will do, so we had veggie haggis, neeps and tatties. And a really, really good time. My six year old sister wouldn’t pretend to play the bagpipes, so Mum and I marched in with the Haggis to the sound of Scotland the Brave instead, and my Step-Dad addressed the haggis with the world’s longest poem (not really his fault, but his reading didn’t help expedite the process!) There was Burns Night Ale for the ale drinkers, and brownies for desert that were perfectly decadent.

Mum wants to do a lot more nights like this throughout the year, and I can’t wait. And who knows, maybe I’ll get brave enough to have one at my house!


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