Review: Auna CB250-10A Active Subwoofer (10″ Sub, 600W Max & Bass Boost)

IMG_1584Auna CB250-10A Active Subwoofer (10″ Sub, 600W Max & Bass Boost)

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What caught my eye about this is that it’s very striking in its design. So many speakers are ugly and bulky, and while this won’t be to everyone’s taste, I love the unusual frog design and the bright colour.

IMG_1583The subwoofer is big, but not so big it’s going to take up the entire of your boot. It is quite heavy and will decrease your fuel economy, but if you want a subwoofer, you’re probably not too worried about that. Still, it’s more economically sized than others I’ve seen, but don’t think its small stature equates to poor sound quality. The sound quality is very high, especially considering the cheaper than average price paid. The music sounded clear, and didn’t blur into that bass-y buzz you sometimes get from poor quality speakers. While it’s not mind-numbingly loud, it’s loud enough to give good boost to the bass.

IMG_1581It comes with all the things you need to install it, including straps to secure the speaker in place once it’s installed, and it’s very easy to do. The wires are long enough to reach right through even the estate car I had it fitted in, while thick enough to ensure no sound quality is lost. You’re also provided with a set of cable ties to help keep things tidy and tucked away once you’ve got everything in place.

IMG_1586The back panel of the speaker is clearly labeled, and the question of what wires go where is easily figured out. There are dials to get the sound adjusted to your specification, and a remote bass control is included. Install this within easy reaching distance to pump up the bass or turn it down as required, without having to go into the boot of your car and adjust the master settings.


As with all Auna products, the price is very reasonable for the quality of the product. The only slight downside that I noticed was the frog at the front was starting to crack in places where it had been lifted up one too many times. Be careful how you carry it, but given that this will sit in the boot of your car and not move once it’s been installed, it’s not really a major issue.

A decent speaker, stylishly designed and for a very reasonable price.

(I was sent this product free in exchange for an honest review.)


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