January Blues

I was supposed to be posting a review today, but I haven’t read the book. This has been about the sum of January so far.

I started the new year with the same optimism that everyone tends to, and like most people, I’ve succumbed to the January Blues. I was going to finish the last 10,000 or so words on my novel, read loads of books and learn to swim. I’ve managed to just about learn to swim.

It doesn’t help that I spend the vast majority of the first two weeks of January asleep. Illness has left me drained, and after recovering, I’ve spent so much time doing day to day stuff I haven’t done (like cleaning my house) that I’ve had little time or energy. Which means I’ve watched a lot of TV.

This is good, because I’m doing a re-watch of some series I have on DVD ahead of selling them, so it’s been almost like doing a job – clearing out. Sort of. But it’s still not the job I really needed to be doing, which is reading and writing.

I think I underestimated as well the toll that starting a new job would take. I couldn’t have anticipated the illness that made it twice as hard as it should have been, but I should have known better than to expect my brain to be working at full capacity for the first month. I’m only just now starting to feel like a normal human being – and I’m writing this two hours before it’s set to post, so it’s a very current feeling!

I’ve got SO MUCH blogging, reading and stuff to catch up on, but I can at least report that the swimming resolution is well on track. I honestly don’t know how I haven’t drowned (especially after not sleeping for three nights at the start of the month but going swimming all the same) but I’m really pleased with the progress made. Just need to do my final time to see if I’ve cracked the 6 minutes thing.

January is a really crappy month – dark, cold, and tiring. But it’s almost over, and despite my lack of forwards momentum in some departments, I still feel like I’ve achieved something. Which is helping me to keep my head up and look forwards to doing a bit better in February!


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