Weekly Round Up #25

Weekly Round Up #25 (12/01-18/01)

I’m pleased to report that I’m feeling much better this week. I’ve been able to engage a bit better at work, keep on top of chores and housework, get some writing done (!!!) and generally be more of a functional human being.

With that has come some great improvements in my swimming, including managing to swim 22 consecutive lengths. I’ve done my final swim of the week a couple of hours ago at time of writing, and I think I’m close to making a breakthrough with my breathing. I’m definitely feeling more confident (being less exhausted certainly helping with that!) and improving in my technique.

This weekend, while the Boyfriend went to a football match, I went shopping with the female members of his family. I had a voucher to spend and a need for some new work clothes. It was three hours of trying on tops and dresses that fit perfectly but wouldn’t allow me to raise my arms to more than a 30 degree angle in front of me without cutting off the blood flow. Is this a thing? Do I have fat arms? I don’t think I do, but I’m finding it everywhere at the moment. So many clothes cutting off the circulation to my arms.

It was nice to have an evening away from home, even though the bed at the Premier Inn bed wasn’t as luxury as our kingsize one, and it was lovely to spend some time with the Boyfriend’s family.

We came home fairly early on Sunday, with many jobs to finish off and revision for the poor Boyfriend, who is struggling with the stress of his course quite a lot at the moment. I’m looking forwards to him finishing his course and getting into the rhythm of his new job so we can start to enjoy ourselves together a bit more, without any residual guilt or lingering tiredness holding us back!


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