Cover Lust #45 – Frostier

Cover Lust #45 – Frostfire by Amanda Hocking


I’m really into these covers that contrast a lot of white space against very bold colours at the moment. I love how dramatic the central figure looks, and the slightly gentler red of the flowers in the foreground, as well as the red of the fonts, tie the image together nicely.

There’s definitely a hint of the fairytale about this, from the strange border which makes it look like a doorway into another world to the obvious red coat image. Also is that some sort of ice blade she’s holding? I really hope so, because that would be ace.

I’ve never read anything by Amanda Hocking before – though the name is familiar, is she the one of self-publishing multi-mililonaire fame? – but this is definitely something I would pick up if I saw it in the library. And probably if it were in Waterstones, too.

What covers are you lusting after this week?


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