5 Things I Don’t Like About January

January, everyone’s least favourite month. Why does it suck so much?

1. The days are still depressingly dark

The solstice may have come and gone, but January doesn’t seem to get any lighter until right at the very end. The days are still short, you still go to work and drive home from work in the dark, and if you see the sun, it’s usually through a haze of cloud cover. Brilliant.

2. It’s blooming’ cold

Usually colder than December, even. This means getting up early to defrost the car, driving carefully because the roads haven’t been gritted, spending a fortune on your heating bill and dreading getting out of the shower. I don’t mind cold when I’m outside, but when it starts to creep inside, that’s when I start praying for July.

3. No one has any money

The christmas bills hit hard and fast, making January a month of austerity, as if it didn’t suck enough. Though we rarely overspend by ridiculous amounts, we usually take advantage of the sales to pick up some clothes we need, and bits and bobs – this year new bedding for our new room – and it all adds up. While we aren’t going bankrupt, it does mean no takeaways and being careful not to make any unnecessary purchase. And everyone is in the same boat so it’s not like you can do nice things with your friends and family, either.

4. It’s a long old month

I know the extra day doesn’t make all that much difference, and even if February had 29 days to January’s 30 it would still be the same old cold and miserable – but psychologically it makes a big difference. We put a lot of stock in new beginnings and the start of a new month is a time for change and recognition of progression and survival. January takes a long time to pass, and it feels like it’s been forever when you’re in the middle of it.

5. I’m putting up with it on my own

Anything is better when you’ve got someone to snuggle up to at night, but currently the Boyfriend is on a training course, so he’s not around during the week. And that makes everything that much harder.

On the plus side, we are now more than halfway through. February will be upon us in no time! Hopefully it will bring warmer weather, and with Valentine’s Day to celebrate, perhaps a little romantic cheer too!


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